Olavi Kleemola

I was born on a farm and spent my childhood on vegetable fields with my parents. I was always helping on our family farm and knew that I’ll be a farmer, too. After high school and army I studied in agricultural college. I never thought about another job even if my mother said: go to study to get some easier job.

In 1974 my parents built our first rental cottage and following years couple of more cottages. I wondered that as a child. I remember that my parents said: let’s build cottages so that it would be possible to live in this village later, too. They were wise even if they didn’t know about EU and changes in agriculture and farm policies.

After school I started as a farmer together with my parents. Every summer and autumn we spent on fields and on wintertime we cut building materials in a forest and built cottages.

40 years of vegetable farming ended in 2013. By then we had picked up 4 million kilos of swedes, all by hands. Many know me only as a swede farmer and as a man who never learned to walk but runs everywhere.

Almost all my dreams are related to cottages. I have an endless will to develop cottages, beaches and yards. Furnishing and fixing places is my passion. In a shop I often finger for example curtain fabrics.

Now I take care of cottages and travellers with my wife around the year. We meet more than thousand people every year -finally cottage renting is our main profession. We farm oat and barley on our fields and my wife is a freelancer journalist, too.

I’m eager to meet people and I like to babble with them. Ask a short question and you’ll get a long and curvy answer! Not later than my wife nudges me I notice that it’s time to quiet and let a tourist warm up the sauna, again.

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