Our team is purrfect – thanks to this duo. We have taught our cats to sit and shake hand. They have shown their importance: many our guests want especially meet them.

Olavi rescued two orphan kittens, black and white Hani and Sulo below our old grain barn in May 2012. We fed them first with baby bottle. They were such cute tiny things! Hani and Sulo grew up and became very attached to us. Wherever we went they followed right behind us.

Because of the problem of homeless cats and kittens we have sterilized and castrated all of our cats. In that way they can live carefree life hunting some mice, playing and laying in front of the fireplace.

Hani and Sulo became members of our team. They walked with us to the cottages to meet guests. In spring and autumn cats sometimes shared fish catch with our fishermen.

Hani was our gentle queen and she often jumped to our car when it was time to go to cottages. That’s why our car and tractors were always full of her paw marks.

29.12.2014 we lost a part of our family when Hani disappeared. Following day we found big paw marks of lynx on our cottage road 😦

Hani’s sister, black nosed Sulo is still living with us. She’s a walker of her own path, always looking amazed, precise observer of our life and tireless mouse hunter.

In August 2014, just after our wedding, we were happy to give a home for a tiny grey kitten. This tomcat charmed immediately us and our guests. We named him Hansu in honour of our very first cottage tenants: Hansu and his wife Veera rented our cottage Villa Keijula in 1974.

Our deceased Hani was like a mother to Hansu. She raised this little tomcat, sometimes gently and sometimes strictly. Final result is just lovely! Hansu is interested in catnip mice, warm lap, adventures and food. He likes to travel sitting on our shoulders and always want to start new adventures. Let’s shake paws when we meet!

You can meet Sulo and Hansu also on our Facebook site.

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